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Computer repairs for Geelong, Bellerine and Surf Coast

NERD MAN has over 30 years experience in telecommunications, electronics and computers, this has provided him with an extensive knowledge of I.T. and computer support systems.

NERD MAN'S Mission

NERD MAN's mission is to provide clients with friendly Service and Support for their I.T. and computer needs; giving clients peace of mind because computer help in the geelong area is only a phone call away and their computer problems can be fixed easily.

Computer health is important

We rely on computers a lot these days to communicate at work and with friends and family via e-mail, Facebook, Skype and on the Internet. We use it to seek information for a variety of purposes such as health, to download recipes, do homework and much, much more.

So when our computer stops working, we can too. Many of my clients have felt completely lost when their computer breaks down.

Many things can cause your computer to breakdown such as hardware or software failure, viruses, spyware, or even the kids. And the biggest surprise culprit can be DUST. Dust can clog up vents that can cause the computer to over heat, which means the computer will just shut down to try and cool itself off.

What you can do for your computer

Here are three top tips to prevent your computer from breaking down:
• keep your operating system up-to-date
• have a good spyware and antivirus program
• stay away from pages that offer free music and videos as there are viruses that can infiltrate your computer
• Keep vents clear of dust and obstacles

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